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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 7: Loch Pattack to Dalwhinnie (7)

Day 7, Thursday 16 May, was always going to be a short day. Culra to Dalwhinnie by way of The Fara. Only, it had become shorter as a result of my camping at Loch Pattack, and shorter still by my decision to leave The Fara for another day. My plan was to be at Dalwhinnie in time for lunch, then take a train to somewhere (probably Inverness; but possibly Pitlochrie or Perth if the train timetables favoured heading south rather than north) to deal with some kit issues. I needed to replace those waterproof trousers; I needed some new boot laces; and I needed to get some dubbin into my boots after all the wet weather we'd been having. Thankfully I didn't need to replace my sleeping bag: my toes had been nice and warm in the night, despite that end of the bag having got wet from condensation.

It was a sunny day, and I made an early start. One of the first things I encountered was a small herd of Highland ponies. If memory serves correctly, there were four of them: but I was only able to get the two of them into the frame at once to be photographed. They looked in good shape and were obviously working ponies, turned out to graze the pasture up by the loch.

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