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Friday, 8 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 10: On to Braemar! (4)

Well, you can't leave Mar Lodge without taking a photo of the view from the front, can you? I mean yes, OK, I know a very similar photo features in an earlier entry, but tough! It's my blog and I'll include what pictures I like.

We arrived at Braemar at about 3. I was bothered about the next couple of nights. Tonight I would be in the youth hostel; but if I followed my planned route, I now had two back-to-back nights of wild camping. The weather forecast wasn't great, and I still hadn't managed to find and fix that hole in my ground sheet. There was a risk that, if the first night was wet, I might end up with sodden gear again. And whilst I could live with that if I was heading for hard shelter the next day, it would be a right pain in the proverbials if I was headed for a second night of wild camping. The answer was obvious: Cortachy House! It would mean a slight route revision and a bit more road walking. But hey, I'd had so much road walking at the beginning of this Challenge that a little bit more at the tail end wouldn't kill me. I'd already managed one more Munro than last year, and all being well I'd add a second to my "bag" tomorrow. So ... yeah ... diverting to Cortachy sounded like a nice option.

I made my phone call to Challenge Control. Told them all was well. Learned that retirements were up to 38. Obtained the number for Cortachy House from them, and then headed to the Fife Arms for a bit of much-needed elbow exercise.

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