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Friday, 8 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 11: Cairn of Claise and Jock's Road (1)

I headed out of Braemar on the morning of Monday 20 May on the road past the golf course. In the early morning it was a very pleasant stroll, and I shared it with a Quebecois Canadian who was on his way to Morrone. We parted company when he turned right of the road, and I turned left. I soon came to the little footbridge over the Clunie Water (pictured). There was a tent on the opposite side whose occupant was obviously another Challenger. But not just any old Challenger ... this was Dennis!

I spent a while chatting with Dennis, and he asked me to tell them at Lochallater Lodge that he'd be along in a little while. I promised him I would, and then set off up Glen Callater.

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