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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 8: Through the Gaick Forest (4)

I reached the summit cairn of Carn na Caim at 12.30 and stopped to have my lunch. It is a good thing that there IS a summit cairn, because without one it would be very difficult to identify the top of this particular mountain!

After lunch, I set out across the plateau. In bad weather and poor visibility, navigating up here would be a nightmare; but I had good visibility and was able, by looking around me, to identify the low mound that was Meallan Buidhe with little difficulty. The plan was simple: to make my way to Meallan Buidhe, then head North East to hill 824, and East North East to the path down off Bruthach na Casoibhe into the Gaick pass. I could see and read the landforms and had no difficulty identifying where I needed to go; and despite the rain we had been having the going underfoot was remarkably dry. It was a mix of turf and peat / heather; but the hags were firm and dry, and making progress was easy.

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