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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 4: Glensulaig to the Old Pines (5)

At the end of the road down Glen Loy, we crossed the B8004 and hopped over a gate. We then followed a short track (which is not shown on the Landranger map) to Thomas Telford's magnificent aqueduct which carries the Caledonian Canal over the River Loy (pictured from the Glen Loy side, with Tony looking back towards me). This has separate bores to enable cattle - and people - to pass under the canal; and though it was dark and a little wet underfoot, we made it through with no difficulty.

Once we had passed under the canal, there was a path up onto the towpath (which is also, at this point, the Great Glen Way). We reached the towpath at about 4 o'clock; and it was here that we were to go our separate ways as Tony was heading South West to Fort William, whilst I was heading North East to Gairlochy. Before we parted, however, Tony made a call to Challenge Control on his mobile, and learned that there had already been 16 withdrawals. I was not surprised. With the weather we'd been having the ground was very wet and a slip could easily result in injuries which made it impractical to continue. My own shoulder had so very nearly been a case in point!

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