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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 5: The Braes o' Lochaber (4)

Beyond Insh, the country is agricultural. The track to be followed is marked with small red "East Highland Way" markers, which are easily missed; and I need to investigate this route further, because it looks as though it may follow the south side of the River Spean all the way up to Fersit. If so, then I could have saved myself a considerable amount of road walking by following it; but not knowing where it might take me, I didn't dare follow it on a whim, for fear of having to turn back and finding myself doing all that road walking anyway, but in failing light.

Between 12 and 12.30 the rain cleared away and the sun came out, and for half an hour or so I was able to walk in short sleeves. But it did not last long, and soon the fleece was back on; and then the waterproofs.

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