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Monday, 4 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 1: A Rough Time in the Rough Bounds (1)

After a wonderful cooked breakfast, Mrs B and I said our goodbyes to the campsite proprietors and drove our van to the Morar Hotel, where we parked in the deserted car park. Then I shouldered my pack, waved goodbye, and headed off for the new sign-out point. I had only got as far as the steps up to the cross, however, when I encountered a Challenger who was adamant that he had successfully signed on at the Morar hotel. So I turned around, and headed back ...

Well, believe me, I tried every door that I could find as a way of getting into that hotel; but none of them was unlocked when I tried it. So after conferring briefly with Mrs B, she reported this news (such as it was) to John at Challenge Control, and I said my goodbyes (for a second time) and headed off (for a second time).

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