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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 2: Out Of (Rough) Bounds (3)

As I followed the glen down, all seemed well with the world. I had texted Challenge Control so they knew where I was (or so I thought) and what I was planning; and they had texted back to acknowledge and ask me to update them once I was safely down to the road. But then ... I encountered a side stream in spate. And BOY was it in spate! I looked at the raging torrent and I thought "no way am I crossing THAT". And so I turned upstream to look for a place to cross, hoping to find one before I entered the cloud!

I had to go some way to find a suitable crossing point; and even then it was far from ideal. Just the right side of marginal, in fact - if that. But at least I found it before entering the cloud (although, again, only just).I threw my poles to the far side and then went for it with one, giant leap. As I landed, I jarred my injured shoulder and felt intense pain which left me unable to do anything for a few moments. But ... I was across. The picture shows the stream at my crossing point (which is about a quarter of the way up the picture) taken from the landing side.

I now had a clear run down the glen to the railway, and as I approached the railway viaduct it became increasingly apparent from the topography of the glen that I was not, in fact, in Glen Beasdale, but Glen Borrodale; and I was following the Borrodale Burn down. I passed underneath the railway and had a good path for the last short stretch down to the road. But when I went to text Challenge Control to tell them I was safely off the hill - no signal! Fortunately, however, I found some very nice people in a house and they allowed me to use their land line to make the call - and so there was no Mountain Rescue shout for me this year!

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  1. "so there was no Mountain Rescue shout for me this year!" - well that answers my question from Day 1!