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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 3: Lochailort to Glensulaig (1)

I enjoyed a hearty breakfast at the Lochailort Inn, and then they tried to get me to sign the Challenge register as they knew I was a Challenger. I eventually managed to get them to understand that actually, I didn't need to, because I had already signed the register at Morar ... but it was a bit of a struggle. The good news was that I had suffered no more medical symptoms and I was certainly prepared to set out from Lochailort and see what the day might bring. Whether this would be my last day's walking on the 2013 Challenge, though, was anybody's guess at this stage. And the bad news was that I spent pretty much the whole day in my waterproofs.

Now, a while back there was a discussion, I remember, on the Challenge message board about walking the road from Lochailort and Glenfinnan; and I remember posting to say that I wouldn't do it out of choice. I stand by that comment. I still wouldn't do it out of choice; but if circumstances are such as to force it one you, well, it's not that bad a road walk. The traffic may be fast, but the carriageway is wide and they can give you plenty of space, and there are generous verges most of the way. There are also some wonderful little places to stop and rest, like this little beach towards the Western end of Loch Eilt.

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