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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 4: Glensulaig to the Old Pines (1)

In the morning, it became pretty clear that it had been a mistake to sleep with the foot end of my sleeping bag inside the survival bag. Condensation had formed on the inside of the survival bag, and the bottom of my sleeping bag was now quite wet. Not wringing wet, but certainly more than just damp. Which is not good with a down bag. Still, there wasn't much I could do about it. I'd just have to hope it would be OK once I'd had a chance to dry it out.

There had been an overnight snowfall, and when stepped out of the bothy it was to the sight of snow lying on Druim Gleann Laoigh down to about 450 metres (pictured). In such conditions, even if I had not had medical issues, and even if I had been camped at Na Socachan (as my route card said I should be) rather than holed up in Glensulaig bothy, I should not have been attempting Gulvain. Rather, I would have been following my FWA (Foul Weather Alternative) route, the first 6 kilometres of which would have brought me through the bealach between Meall Onfhaidh and Meall a' Phubuill to Glensulaig bothy. So, after falling behind schedule on the first two days of the CHallenge, I was now 6 kilometres ahead of schedule. This was looking good!

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