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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 4: Glensulaig to the Old Pines (3)

We took advantage of a brief sunny spell for lunch at Achnanellan, where a nicely tended lawn provided an excellent little picnic spot. Tony brewed up on a solid-fuel stove, explaining that he had abandoned his petrol stove since the incident at Gelder Shiel bothy. I had heard all about this incident from others who had been in the bothy at the time; but I had not known that the principal actor had been Tony. For some reason I didn't find this in the least bit surprising! It seems he had a bit of a leak in his fuel line ... so now I have heard both sides of that particular story.

I also took advantage of the sunny spell to hang my camera from the branch of a tree in the hope that it would dry out and start functioning again. It did and it did (which is how I was able to take this picture of Tony at lunch), so I was a happy bunny.

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