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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The 2013 Challenge, day 5: The Braes o' Lochaber (2)

I turned down to Spean Bridge station and, crossing over the line, I took the track through Killiechonate Forest (including following a mysterious waymarker which simply read "short cut"). This lower section of the forest is beautiful open deciduous woodland, and really lovely walking. As I walked, my mind returned to the song that I had been working on since my first Challenge in 2000, "Great Outdoors Challengers"; and finally the much-needed middle verse came to me. So I sang the entire song a few times to make sure I was happy with it. And here, for the first time, is the entire song (to be sung to the tune of the 17th century Royalist song "Cavalilly Men"):


So here we are, another year
We've crossed a country to be here
From West to Eastern shore
O'er mountain top, through valley floor
In Feshie glen, on Rannoch moor
Great Outdoors Challengers!

Through wind and rain, through sleet and hail
We'll ever walk, we shall not fail
Until we reach Montrose
Or some place else on the Eastern coast
This is the goal we cherish most
Great Outdoors Challengers!

And if it be, as well it may
We ne'er come back another day
My friends, the fact remains
That o'er this land we've all roamed free
So come what may, we'll always be
Great Outdoors Challengers!

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